Hey Bros

Hey guys! So I haven't uploaded in a while, but I've been working on lots of stuff.

This is a commission I did for school. I designed the shirt for the Student Governments.

This one I made for the Threadless Temporary Tattoo challenge. I wanna make more like these; Raccoons, dogs, sloths . . . 
I'll re-purpose this as a t shirt graphic later. Stickers too!

I have a bunch of other projects that aren't quite finished, so I'll post those later.
I wanted to make my Tumblr into my personal website, but I think it's better if I make a Cargo. Maybe I'll ask for a year's fee for Christmas.

ALSO, I'M A FREAKING SEMIFINALIST IN THE ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. If I make it to the finals they'll fly me to China for $FREE$

So wish me luck guys.

Legion Preview:

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