Hey, so I haven't posted in a while due to finals - but school's done now! Well, I have a derpartment review on Wednesday in which I have to show my best work of the entire year, so I still have to prepare for that. I actually managed to finish all of my assignments this semester; I still have to finish up work from the Fall semester though.
     Here are some of my final projects:
Children's book assignement. We could do whatever book we wanted - I chose the Kite Runner because I came up with this idea some time ago and I really wanted to execute it. Hassan is one of the main characters of the book and his cleft palette is a testament to his social status - his family is poor and they can't afford to fix it. I got an 84 on this piece because it wasn't "kid-friendly". Which it isn't, but still >:[

They typeface is one I made last year and the subtext is handwritten. the drawing was made with a mechanical pencil.

Another Children's Book Illustration, I used my old bear drawing and drew stuff on top. I made this in two hours or so. I had another idea, but I hated it so much - I couldn't work on it, I'd pour hours into it and I'd get nowhere. The font is Gill Sans UltraBold, but I smoothed out the edges and redrew the letterforms to change it up a bit.

This one is for Illustration Techniques II, the assignment was to make a spot Illustration depciting "The relationship between the living and the dead".

This is for ImageMaking, it's one of the characters I made for a group project. The project was to create characters, items, and environments for an animated movie that the group came up with. The class was split into two teams.

I have a lot more work, but I haven't had a chance to document it properly yet. I'll do that soon, and I'll post process work too.

Also, I made a Tumblr!


  1. great illustrations seabass, i specially like the one with the bear. nice work.