For my Image Making class we had two make an illustration based upon the "good vs. evil" concept. Not in the traditional sense; rather we picked a side on an issue, my issue being whether America was cuter than Japan. So secretly, I chose to do this in a ball pit format in order to practice rendering digitally. I was planning to render everything - but that was too time consuming, and it looks better flat.

You can find the Kawaii Illustration at Millie's

Each ball represents an element of either American history or pop culture . . . except for the green ball on the the top right, the red on the bottom right, and the purple to the right. Those are just colors because I ran out of time.

    This is for my Children's Book Illustration class. It's a cover for Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is not actually the finished version. While I like it like this, I cropped in too much and didn't get a chance to color it.

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  1. You know how I feel about "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and your piece does the story complete justice. I'd love to see it colored!

    (And "America The Cutieful" is super fun)